The New York Jets are the Worst Football Franchise to Ever Win a Super Bowl

By Danny Radical

The New York Jets are a punching bag in the NFL. Look at any aspect of the team that you want to. Hiring coaches? Disaster. "BUT THEY HAD BILL PARCELLS!" Just the good version, not the Championship version. Ask Dallas about that.


The drafting? God awful. We'll go into more details on that down below.

The talent acquisition? Lots of guys on the downsides of their careers.

The tradition? What traditions?

The history? Awful. So my friends, here is the thesis:

The New York Jets are the worst football franchise to ever win a Super Bowl.

You might say "What about Minnesota? They sucked after Fran Tarkenton!" or "What about Buffalo with it's 4 loss pileup?" It's true that Minnesota went to 4 Super Bowls in the 70's and came home empty handed every time, as the Bills did in the 90's. And both of those franchises have been largely unimportant since. But they do have one thing in common- they never won a Super Bowl, so they are not in consideration for this topic. If I ever write "who is the worst franchise to play in a Super Bowl and never win" they'll be right up there with the 0-2 Atlanta Falcons who had an all time spectacular implosion in Super Bowl 51.


And of course, who is the worst franchise to never appear in a Super Bowl is the Cleveland Browns. Outside of the Jim Brown era, they are the worst team ever.

On the grill, Jim Brown!

Now how did I determine that the Jets were the worst? Easy. Math and psychology.

First, math. I made a formula. Here were the criteria to be considered the worst franchise to win a Super Bowl:

1) You had to make it to a Super Bowl. So any franchise that never appeared the in big game is OUT. Also, you shouldn't look to compare yourself to even worse teams. That's thinking akin to #IslesKoolAid. You should check those blogs to learn how not to be a fan.
2) You had to win a Super Bowl. See the article title.
3) You appeared in only ONE Super Bowl ever. Why? Because if you appeared in two, you clearly returned to the championship, so you weren't as futile.

So, who are the contenders who fit this sobering criteria?
The New York Jets (1969), the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2003) and the New Orleans Saints (2010).

OK, all three franchises suck. Some would go as far as to say that after Hurricane Katrina, the NFL sort of refereed the Saints through the season to keep hope- and an NFL franchise- alive in an area savaged by nature. Clearly that's absurd- what league would turn a blind eye to game fixing just to keep fans in the seats.

Steroids? Nah.

Let's see what gives the Jets the nod of notoriety.

In the year that the Jets were most successful in the playoffs, they had to play one game to qualify for the Super Bowl. In that qualifying game, the Jets were trailing in the 4th quarter. Namath led a drive to score a touchdown...with 8 minutes or so left. The Oakland Raiders drove down deep into Jets territory. Instead of kicking a field goal and trailing by 1, they chose to go for it on 4th down, where the defense- and not Joe Namath- bailed the Jets out.

After the Jets failed to score, the Raiders drove deep into Jets territory again, only to fumble. Understand that if the Raiders kick that first field goal their play calling may have gotten more conservative when a field goal would have given them the lead.

After the Jets failed to score again, the Jets defense again stepped up.

So Joe Namath, who guaranteed a Super Bowl win, was probably watching from the sideline thinking, "We got us a good defense." Namath also has said that he was goaded by a Colts fan into predicting a Super Bowl win, or else he wouldn't have done such. So much for confidence!

In Super Bowl 3, the Jets faced the Baltimore Colts. As an aside, both Baltimore and the Colts- who no longer play in Baltimore- have both won Super Bowls since 1969. The Jets have yet to return to the big game.

As history tells us, Broadway Joe was the game MVP, despite never throwing a touchdown pass, and with the Jets only touchdown in the game a rushing one. As for the Johnny Unitas Colts? Unitas was injured and wasn't in the game until it was over. Colts starter Earl Morrall had a passer rating of 9.3. Not a yards per catch of 9.3, a QB rating of 9.3. The real MVP was the defense with the 4 interceptions and the recovered fumble. And maybe Colts kicker Lou Michaels who couldn't hit a field goal all game long.


Dude looks like a lady!

This is of course history. Jets fans will say "didn't a defense propel Denver to it's last Super Bowl? What's the big deal?" Well, first off, how many Super Bowls has Denver played in? 7? So don't even begin to try to compare franchises.
Also, Joe Namath's career ended with more losses than wins, and more interceptions than touchdowns. Without that prediction, no one would give a horseturd about Joe Namath. Except the Federal Government, who looked into Namath's Mafia ties. (

Back to the case as to why the Jets are worse than Tampa Bay and New Orleans. First off, the Bucs had to win more games in the playoffs to reach the Super Bowl, as did the Saints. The Bucs blew out everyone that they played. The Saints had to prove their mettle in a conference final overtime game. Both teams had longer and/or tougher playoff runs than the Jets.

But it's not just that. If you look at the career records of the three teams, you'll notice a few patterns. Tampa has had ONE 7 year period in their history where they were competitive. The rest of the time they're inconsequential. Not even heartbreaking. Almost curious as to why they have fans. Between 1976 and 1996, they had two years where the team was over 500. Conversely in that same period they had 18 seasons with 6 wins or less, including an unvictorious rookie season. The only season that may have been disappointing for their fans was their 10-6 in 2010, but can you be disappointed when you lose so frequently? The rest of the seasons were all done by the time you carved the Thanksgiving turkey.


New Orleans? They spent their first 19 seasons as HORRIBLE. Then the next 21 years as HORRIBLE, but did manage to win 2 playoff games in that time. Understand that from 1967 to 1999 the Saints won a total of ZERO playoff games. That's pre man on the moon through the creation of the internet. 2009 to 2013 is the golden era of the New Orleans Saints. A team that never wins can never truly be disappointing, because, well, they never win! And in their existence, just one cluster of success. However, I really like their uniforms with that Quebec Nordiques look.


Ah, but the Jets. Let's look at their history. In their first 22 years, they won their only Super Bowl, as well as one other playoff game. Which got them to the Super Bowl. Yikes. Then, something happened. They started to cluster. 5 playoff series in 11 years, including 4 playoff game wins. Then 5 playoffs in 9 years, including 3 wins and a heartbreaking overtime loss on a missed field goal. They hired Bill Parcells and Bill Belichick to be their head coach! Motivation!

Then there was another cluster. Back to back conference finals, one after beating their personal bully the New England Patriots. That season they lost by less than a touchdown to Pittsburgh in the conference final- a second consecutive appearance! The Jets have lost as many conference championship games as New Orleans and Tampa Bay COMBINED.
Jets supporters may say "Well that means that the Jets are successful!" Not exactly. The number we're talking about here is 3. And the Jets went over 25 years between conference finals appearances before losing in back to back games.

To be fair, I was shocked that Tampa Bay lost two conference finals, but those two finals came 20 years apart as well.


You're gonna need to be. See you in 2038.

There is a pattern behind all of those numbers that speaks to a deeper meaning. Look at New Orleans. 7 playoff wins all time, 6 coming in a recent 8 year span. Tampa Bay- one window outside of the world of landfill. But the Jets...they try. They have small, somewhat sustained periods of success followed by vat stretches of horrible.

How do we know that they try? They try to acquire good players but end up getting brand name players past their prime, like Vinny Testaverde or Boomer Esiason or Ladanian Tomlinson or Derrelle Revis or Matt Forte or Braylon Edwards or Plaxico Burress or Jumbo Elliot or Bryan Cox or Pepper Johnson or...well, you get the picture.
They try coaches. Not well, but they try. They had Bill Parcells. That's a try.


About the same mobility as the real thing.

And for 2017, they entered the season trying to tank. Thus far they're 1-2, they're sitting in position to get at best the 6th overall pick in the first round. Yes, the season is only 20% done, but they've already created an uphill battle for themselves, as the Browns always suck, the Giants chose this year to suck, the Bengals suck, the Chargers suck, the 49'ers suck, and the Colts suck largely due to injury.

In Jet fashion, even if they somehow acquired a top 3 pick, they'd trade it to the Colts for Andrew Luck, just to watch his career explode even more.

As I mentioned before, the formula to figure out how bad the Jets are comes from math and psychology. Here's the psych part. When you get down to it, there are four major issues with the Jets. The first is at the position of quarterback. The second issue is drafting. The third is the complete clown car that is coaching, management, and ownership of the team. Lastly is the complete and utter disregard and even contempt towards the fans. You may ask "Is he going to list quarterbacks and draft picks for us?" Yes, yes he is. Is he going to tell first hand stories of how the Jets screwed their fans? Yes, yes he is. Will he mention that goofball with the firemans hat? Probably not. That guy had a tantrum. Grow up.


Everyone that is a fan of football knows that defense wins games. And by and large that's true, except you need the offense to do some occasional scoring. This is an area in which the Jets are monumentally bad. The field general of the football team is the quarterback, the guy that drives the offense and leads the team to success. I didn't want to go back to Ken O'Brien or Richard Todd or Dick Wood (huh huh) or Al Dorow. although those names will help prove a point shortly. Below is a list of the last 20 years worth of Jets starting quarterbacks. Spoiler alert- go grab a barf bag.

Season(s) Quarterback (Games)

2017 Josh McCowan
2016 Ryan Fitzpatrick (11) Geno Smith (1) Bryce Petty (4)
2015 Ryan Fitzpatrick (16)
2014 Geno Smith (13) Michael Vick (3)
2013 Geno Smith (16)
2012 Mark Sanchez (15) Greg McElroy (1)
2011 Mark Sanchez (16)
2010 Mark Sanchez (16)
2009 Mark Sanchez (15) Kellen Clemens (1)
2008 Brett Farve (16)
2007 Chad Pennington (8) Kellen Clemens (8)
2006 Chad Pennington (16)
2005 Brooks Bollinger (9) Vinny Testaverde (4) Chad Pennington (3)
2004 Chad Pennington (13) Quincy Carter (3)
2003 Chad Pennington (9) Vinny Testaverde (7)
2002 Chad Pennington (12) Vinny Testaverde (4)
2001 VInny Testaverde (16)
2000 Vinny Testaverde (16)
1999 Ray Lucas (9) Rick Mirer (6) Vinny Testaverde (1)
1998 Vinny Testaverde (13) Glenn Foley (3)
1997 Neil O'Donnell (13) Glenn Foley (3)

That's a terrible, terrible list. The most accomplished thing off of that just may be a buttfumble.

The announcer ends it perfectly- "It was the backside of Brandon Moore that knocked the ball out."

What's worse than the guys lining up behind center? The guys the Jets have taken in the draft. The following list will be a combination of terrible players taken at a key draft slot, and often a list of players taken after that spot who went on to pro bowl careers while the Jets were peddling Hess toy trucks in December because it was more promising and profitable than their season.

The following chart will be a chart where we look at who the Jets drafted in round 1 and who was available at the time and/or taken immediately after. I'm not saying that all of the Jets first round picks are bad. I'm just saying almost all of the Jets first round picks are bad.

Year Player Jets Drafted, Rd 1 Player Jets Overlooked Rd 1
2017 Jamal Adams (6) Too soon to tell. See me next summer
2016 Darron Lee (20) Dak Prescott
2015 Leonard Williams (6) Todd Gurley
2014 Calvin Pryor (18) Kelvin Benjamin, Brandin Cooks
2013 Dee Milliner (9), Sheldon Richardson (13) Darius Slay, Travis Kelce
2012 Quinton Coples (16) Whitney Merclius
2011 Muhammad Wilkerson (30) Orlando Franklin
2010 Kyle Wilson (29) Jermaine Gresham
2009 Mark Sanchez (5) Arian Foster, Mike Wallace
2008 Vernon Ghoulston (6) Dustin Keller (30) Ray Rice, Jermichael Finley, DeSean Jackson, Tracy Porter
2007 Darrelle Revis (14) Greg Olsen

Clearly, the best draft year we can see here for the Jets is 2007, which brought both Darrelle Revis and David Harris. Revis is probably the last star player that the Jets had. And everyone knows how sexy having a star cornerback feels. 2008 was Dustin Keller's draft, as Ghoulston was a player without a position and a horribly wasted top 6 pick. Speaking of, aren't the Jets holding a potential #6 pick this season?


2009 was the year where the Mark Sanchez era began. To acquire Sanchez, they had to give up resources, but that draft was solid for the Jets for 2-3 years, which isn't exactly a winning formula, but for the Jets, getting 3 years from 3 players (or in the case of Matt Slauson more) in one draft is high grades for them. They followed with a dud of a draft in 2010.

2011 brought Muhammad Wilkerson, Belial Powell, Jermaine Kerley, and Craig MacElroy. This is their best draft class of the last 10 years, which is good for the Jets, as the entire Jets drafts of 2012, 2013, and 2014 were absolutely terrible. 2015 had a rare strong pick for the Jets, as Leonard Williams is a good defensive player. But the rest of that draft is also barren. 2016 and 2017 are a little too early to tell, but they aren't looking promising, Christian Hackenberg?

Also, the Jets drafted seven quarterbacks since 2007. You would think that they can guess right once.

Lastly, how many Jets draft picks have been "impact" players in the last ten years? How many are still with the Jets? And how many of them have careers that are over?


Next up are the coaches. Aside from getting Bill Parcells on the back end of his career (just like the quarterbacks), there was...not much. They had Al Groh. They had Bill Belichick. Um...Al Groh? Didn't he quit because he was as charismatic as a can of soup? Also, didn't Belichick quit, classlessly writing his resignation on a napkin to show just what a piece of opportunistic horseshit he is as a human being? Yes and yes. However, these are the 3 Jets head coaches with Jets career records at or above 500. The rest all start with 4. Or 3. Or 2. Or 0.

Even Jets legend Weeb Ewbank comes in south of 500 in his Jets career. And they named a Hall after him. The Hall of Tosis, based on that stank. Walt Michaels was a coach of the year, the only time the Jets had one of those. No one cares about Walt Michaels. I'd rather hear about Walt Flannagans dog than about Walt Michaels. Lou Holtz- yes, that Lou Holtz- walked off of the job during the season.


Remember Bruce Coslet? How he'd bring his daughter on the field to carry a clipboard and watch a team fail right before her eyes, teaching her the fantastic lesson that life owes you nothing and more often than not you lose? Or when the Jets fired Pete Carroll? He didn't do much after leaving the Jets. Rich Kotite. Remember that?

Miami Dolphins 28 x 24 NY Jets "but the kick was never needed"

Eric Mangini? Seriously. The only other team that was dumb enough to offer him a head coaching job? Cleveland.

Also, Belichick's excuse for quitting was textbook and transparent. He's not a loser as his record states, but he is an opportunist and a quitter. Not sure if either is respectable. Pats fans, enjoy your winning with a tyrant. You all should tear down Bunker Hill to make a point, if you had pride. Which I can't see.

It's not just the coaches. It's the owner. They have had Woody Johnson, who has been mercurial. One year it's austerity, one year it's a cap ceiling team. Who knows what to expect? He's reactionary, and he's also in love with the idea of making back pages. Unfortunately it's for the worst reasons.



Another position that has no idea what to expect? The General Manager. The Jets have had 3 general managers in this decade alone and it's only 7 years in.


Jets ownership takes playing in a New York market for granted. Johnson makes his money on TV deals and merchandising and to a lesser extent fannies in the seats. So if the Jets only sell 75% capacity, the TV deal more than makes up for it. So besides the annual ownership check, the Jets also create a potential billion dollar windfall. Yes, the Jets will sell for a billion dollars. So if you knew that no matter what you did you'll make money, what would be the motivation to win? Think they're waiting for Tom Brady to retire to feel like they maybe have a shot?

Based on the market value of geography. the Jets definitely take advantage of being in a New York market without showing anything for it. You want to know what else they take advantage of? The fans.

The Jets have more courage with their fans than with their opponents. They charge their fans to watch the game live, which is normal. But then they add a fee on their seats for the "privilege" of keeping those seats on a year after year basis. This fee is called a personal seat license, or PSL.


I understand that other teams charge PSL's for their stadiums. Do those other teams roll out Brooks Bollinger as a starter for the majority of a season? Regardless, here is how the Jets PSL's work. They assign a price to the seat, then they assign a price to the seat. One price is for watching the game, and one is for owning the rights to sit in that seat over a period of years. Let me provide an example.

If I want to sit in the second deck behind the end zone- not the best seats to watch a game- there are the following fees:
- the $1300 for 8 home games
- the $8000 for the PSL, divided over 5 years, minus 10% as a down payment
- the 6.5% interest that the Jets charge fans to finance the 5 year seat fee

So what does that seat cost, if you're a Jets fan? Assuming seat fees for a single seat and interest rates over 5 years do not change:
- $6500 for 40 home games over 5 years
- $800 up front for the PSL deposit
- $935 over 5 years in interest payments
- $1627 annually in PSL fees
- $240 in annual parking fees
And yes, better seats both cost more and have a higher PSL charge.

In total, that's $16635 for 5 seasons of Jets for one person. Want to bring your wife and 2 kids? 5 years, $66,540. Would you have paid that for what this team has presented to you for the last 5 years? And you assume that suddenly the Jets will be motivated over the next 5 to be better?

Say you took a one week vacation every year for the next 5 years. You spend $3000 per vacation. After 5 years, you'd have spent $15000- a savings of at least $51,540. Which do you think would provide you with better, more fulfilling memories?


Technically, these are memories too.

Oh, and if the Jets make the playoffs? You get the first shot at giving them more money at inflated prices if they have any home games.

There should be an NFL wide rule: if a team wins less than 8 games, they need to rebate that season's PSL's. The Jets should be the pilot program. Maybe a loss of a small piece of income would create that ever lacking accountability at ownership.

"But other teams do PSL and parking fees. The Giants charge them, too!" When did the Giants win their last Super Bowl? Play their last playoff game?

The Jets also moved their training camp from Hofstra University in Hempstead, NY to Florham Park, NJ. The Jets were a New York team, played in Shea Stadium (hence the team name) and built their fan base on Long Island. Many ticket holders are from here. I get that they play in New Jersey and may have even grown a fan base there. But to completely ignore their roots belittles the fans who stayed loyal, and even quarterback Boomer Esiason, who is from Long Island. Not that Boomer cares. He was with the Jets on the downside of his career, like most players that they acquire.


The 2017 Jets don't even get how to tank right. The roster is set to be 0-16, yet they win week 3. They can't even give their fans hope that they will put themselves into position to draft a franchise quarterback. That is something that's not exactly common for the Jets. The last time where they had a chance to draft a game changer was 1983- the "Year of the Quarterback-" where the Jets took Ken O'Brien over a bum named Dan Marino.

And why would they? The Jets resent their fans, with all of their extra fees, poor drafting, poor performing, poor trading, poor coaching, poor management, and poor ownership. How many more NFL coaches will get their first head coaching job with the Jets? They've gone this entire century being the training grounds and proving grounds for their head coaches, with very marginal success. Why not try using some of that geographic prestige and fat wallet and bring in a guy with a record of success elsewhere? Both GM AND coach? Why not? Because they resent their fans, and give them heaping spoonfuls of more of the same.


So while we will certainly give tips of the cap to New Orleans and Tampa Bay, to me it's a complete landslide. The New York Jets are the worst football franchise to ever win a Super Bowl.

Feel free to share your thoughts on the topic as well- you can even call in at 516 676 2968 to share your thoughts, or reply on Twitter at @sportsonthego1