Are the Knicks and Nets Getting Ready for 2019 Already?

By Danny Radical

by Chris Klimaszewski


For the rumors that are going around and what people are saying, Kyrie Irving and Jimmy Butler want to play in New York next year. The Knicks would need x, y, and z in order to make cap space. They need to shed Noah’s contract, which I think they will, and they need to get rid of Hardaway and Lee’s contract. I believe Steve Perry and his staff will get rid of the contracts necessary in order to bring Kyrie, Jimmy, or whoever to the Mecca next season. Imagine a line-up with Kyrie Irving, Jimmy Butler, Kevin Knox, Kristaps Porzingis, and Enes Kantar. That’s a fire starting five.

Now for the Nets, they have been making moves and clearing cap space to sign a bunch of free agents next season. After buying out Dwight Howard’s contract, they are able to sign two max free agents for next season. Plus, they just traded away Jeremy Lin and his contract. They also traded away former 2nd round draft pick Isaiah White for Kenneth Faried, some scrub, a future 2nd round pick, and a protected 2019 1st round pick, which means that if the Nuggets end the season somewhere between picks 1-12, the Nets get the Nuggets 2020 1st round pick (which is unprotected), but if the Nuggets get the 13th pick or higher, that becomes the Nets pick in 2019. Overall the Nets are making moves for the 2019 free agents.


Both the Knicks and Nets will have shitty years. Porzingis isn’t coming back until possibly December and the Nets don’t have a player that is even close to KP’s skill. D’Angelo Russell is a good player and has a lot of potential to become a great player. Both these teams are going to be going hard next offseason, but who’s going to have to emerge the King of New York?