Two Options:

1. Client provides finalized script (see below)

2. Client provides general details of business / event / promotion and we'll work with you on finalizing the copy (ex - Business name, address, contact info, service they provide, special promotion, etc)

As a general rule when supplying scripts, please use these guidelines:

60 seconds — MAXIMUM of 150 word count (140 preferred)

30 seconds — MAXIMUM of 75 word count

15 seconds — MAXIMUM of 36 word count

*When writing scripts, please keep in mind that numbers (such as addresses and phone numbers) are counted as individual words. So 555-555-5555 is not one word, or three, it counts as TEN towards your word total, as it's read aloud, Five Five Five - Five Five Five - Five Five Five Five.

*Same for website addresses or initials. isn't one word, it's seven. As it's read "Sports On The Go One DOT Com".

*If you want Artist Drops (promoting an event or concert), Song Snippets, or other Production besides general voice-over added to the Ad, you will need to account for that with the length of your script.

*Please take these guidelines into account when writing your scripts, as script overflow or trying to include too much will lead to conflicts and most likely a delay in producing your Ad and getting it on the air.


Who's your target audience? What type of tone (Energetic, Professional, Smooth, etc) for the voice-over and production are you going for? Would you like music in the background or for it to be Dry voiced (vocals only)? Any and all information you can provide is helpful.

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